The Liberal Patriot: Month One

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Many thanks to everyone for subscribing to this newsletter and reading The Liberal Patriot posts throughout our first month in publication. In the past month, we have been fortunate to gain nearly 750 subscribers, about 650 followers on our companion Twitter feed, and have posted a total of 34 pieces across a range of political, domestic, and international topics.  

All of this is free for readers and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

At the end of each month, TLP editors will send out a round-up of some of our more notable posts as well as a few people might have missed.  

On the political analysis frontTLP broke down the Georgia run-off elections; argued that impeachment would end in acquittal and be counterproductive; pushed Democrats to reset their image; advised Biden to move fast, go big, and fix things; explored how the GOP might rebuild a sane center-right in America’s cities; analyzed Bernie Sanders’ impact on Democrats; and looked at the post-election data to see if Democrats misread Hispanic voters in 2020.

On the international frontTLP examined how the January 6th riots would impact foreign policy; looked at FDR’s lessons for Biden; argued for vaccine internationalism; pushed climate change as a foreign policy priority; looked at how divisive politics at home hurts America abroad; explained why foreign policy should be simple and focused on “compete and protect”; and prodded those on the center-left to get beyond slogans like “end endless war” which obscure difficult policy choices.

On the social unity frontTLP looked at how Trump and Biden voters can get along; argued for Democrats to show forbearance in victory; examined the impact of Internet disinformation on democracy; showed how MLK’s multiracial movement for economic justice matters today; explored what national unity might look like and how concretely to build bipartisanship; and argued that the fight against extremism requires better national politics rather than more bureaucracy.

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